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Harts Desires is the only major wine retailer to offer completely FREE delivery of a case of wine anywhere in Lagos. Our delivery service is convenient, fast and reliable.


Our shop includes Brandy, Cognac and spirit from the finest producer around the world.

A delicate blend of wood notes and spices, punctuated by the scent of cloves and cinnamon. Sophisticated, sensual and harmonious, it is characterized by the fragrance of honey and a suggestion of liquorice

Hennessy VSOP Cognac

Alize liqueurs combine natural fruit juices with fine French spirits to create sensational flavours and aromas that tempt the palette. Imported from France, Alize liqueurs are all natural…the first to introduce the intriguing and delectable blend of exotic passion fruit juice and fine French cognac.

Alize Red Passion

Pressed from fine varietal grapes, Jack Daniel's is distilled to concentrate the most desirable flavors. Recognized throughout the world as America's premier spirit. Winner of seven international gold medals.

Jack Daniel's Whiskey