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Harts Desires is the only major wine retailer to offer completely FREE delivery of a case of wine anywhere in Lagos. Our delivery service is convenient, fast and reliable.




Who we are

Harts Desires Limited was incorporated as a limited liability company in Nigeria on September 8, 1999 to engage in general trading.
Since inception  to date, the company has been in the business of buying and selling of imported wines, spirits, champagne juice and other soft drinks.

Our Outlets
In our line of wine business we engage in both retail and whole sale. Our sales outlet include two outlets in the open major market where wines and spirits are exclusively sold in Lagos, in these market our outlets engage in whole sale business. In our third outlet in the high brow Victoria Island of the city of Lagos, we have a retail super shop where all range of wines, spirits, champagne and other drinks are sold.

The need to meet the demand of our clients, necessitated the formation of Just Wine Ventures as a retailing outfit of Harts Desires Ltd. We offer delivery service that is free convenient and fast to our clients home or party venue


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