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Remy Martin Louis XIII Grande Champagne Cognac 70cl

Country: France
Region: Cognac
Category: Cognac





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The paradox of fire and water lies in the taste of Louis XIII, one born of the rare fruit from the gently undulating landscape of the Grande Champagne terroir, the single chosen growth area of Louis XIII. The majestic mahogany glints that dance in the glass are a pleasure to the eye. The bouquet is a multitude of aromas, resulting in a dense harmony of flowers, fruits and spices. Jasmine mingles with passion fruit, in a blended flirtation with ginger and nutmeg. Roses and violets entertain fig and prune that in turn perform melodiously with sandalwood and honey. Louis XII magically renders a voluptuous taste of perfection to be savoured unashamedly in a state of supreme pleasure. A suggestion of ultimate extravagance...