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Moet Dom Perignon

  Country: France
  Region: Champagne
  Category: Champaagne



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For forty-seven years, Dom Pérignon worked on creating, perfecting and establishing the reputation of what would later be known as the "Champagne" method. A man endowed with amazing intuition and foresight, he divined the promise of hidden luxury in the grapes of Champagne. The aristocracy, always in search of new taste sensations, immediately recognized the quality of the wine made by "Père Pérignon".

Word of "Pérignon’s wine" soon reached the table of Louis XIV, Dom Pérignon’s exact contemporary. The "flacons" (as the bottles of effervescent wine from Champagne were called) cost four times more than the best wines of the time. This wine, which represented a revolution in winemaking, also created a revolution in tastes and customs.

Dom Pérignon’s wine became the iconic beverage of a new spirit of libertinage that took hold during the Regency and then under Louis XV. This lifestyle earned the 18th century a reputation as the age of pleasure. A spirit of refinement, voluptuousness, delicacy, exuberance and sensuality reigned in every sphere of life, from the salon to the boudoi.